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ChlorGuard D Airdrive

ChlorGuard D Airdrive

This ChlorGuard assembly offers a very robust solution for Emergency Valve Shutdown installations.  The bespoke reduction gear drive enables the system to close off a variety of different torqued valves from soft seat low torque valves to high required torque, due to stiff valves.  

Description Airmotor, Reduction Gear drive & exhaust silencer
Dimensions L280 x W165 x D195mm
Body Construction Cast Iron
Weight 19.5kg
Finish Shot blast to SA ½ one coat of epoxy zinc Phosphate primer - 50 microns. One finish coat of two pac polyurathane 50 microns Blue to BS 4800 18E53
Output Shaft 19mm diameter stainless steel
Drive Pin 6 diameter stainless steel
Output Speed 46 rpm @ 25psig / 20 cfm
PSI Global Ltd Silencer Silences air being expelled from the airmotor & prevents misting or lubricating oil in the air
Stand Fabricated stainless steel c/w mounting for filter regulator lubricator

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