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Compressor & Air Receiver Assembly

Compressor & Air Receiver Assembly

The ChlorGuard system is pneumatically operated and as such requires a bespoke compressor and receiver assembly to drive the system upon activation.  For redundancy, the receivers are sized with enough capacity for 2 enclosures should the compressor fail.  The compressors specified are very low maintenance, being oil free, and will provide many years of reliable operation.

Compressor & Air Receiver Assembly

Compressor Type Oil Free Piston Compressor
Capacity 130 – 190 L/min
Motor Size 1.1 - 1.5 kW
Motor Protection IP54
Power Supply 110/230Vac - 50/60Hz
Receiver Capacity 127, 230 and 270 litres
Receiver Size


D508mm x H1505mm
D508mm x H1825mm
D508mm x H1950mm

Fitted with

Safety valve
Drain Valve (manual)
Pressure switch starter 

Sound Level 71dB(A)

Manufacturing Specification

EC Conformity Procedure PED (97/23/EC) Modules B & D
EC Type Examination Certificate No. CEN-006062/B1-02
Technical Standard Used BS.EN286-1: 1998 Class 2
Design Pressure 11.0 Barg
Design Temperature -10 to +85°C
Hydraulic Test Pressure 16.5 Barg
Vessel Design Life

20 Years - based on a fatigue criteria of the following pressure cycles: 1040 Cycles of Full Pressure Range  (i.e. start up/shutdown cycles + 1752000 Cycles of range 2.0 Barg) 

Finish Primed, blue gloss RAL 5015

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